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Dr.Gyan Singh
M.S EYE SPECIALIST B.H.U(Banaras Hindu University)
I have used hundreds of vials of Isotine Eye Drop on my patients on many Eye ailments with very good results on retinal atrophy in old age.

Director Netra Sevashram
15, Prafulla Sarkar Street Kolkata
To cope with the problem of blindness on account of cataract, and incurable eye diseases alternative medicine like Isotine eye drop gave positive results. "ISOTINE is the non toxic drug without any side effect."

S.R.M. State Ayurvedic College
Jagat Pharma's Isotine Eye Drop has been used in different types of eye diseases and after clinical trials found effective in cataract conjunctivitis. Trachoma etc. & improvement in the vision.

Dr.R.K.Dhawan (M.B.B.S., D.M.R.E.)
Chief Medical Officer
123, Civil Lines Bareilly
I am personally very much impressed by the achievements of Dr.Basu. I am fully satisfied by his claim and feel that it is a fit case deserving recommendation that he should be encouraged and awarded at State & National levels.

Dr.A.K.Arya (M.D.)
Sr.Gr.Medical Officer
Lakhimpur Kheri
Certified that my niece Km.Swati Saxena, 15 years, who having myopia(-3 sph) has now full vision in her both eyes after the use of Dr.Basu's medicine. Now she doesn't need spectacles. Dr.Basu has got a miracle herbal medicine.

Dr.V.B.Singh (M.B.B.S.)
I am a case of glaucoma I used the medicine of Dr.Basu ji. My vision in the eye has much improved in both(near & far) vision.

Dr.A.K. Saxena
61, Harefields Oxford OX 2 8 NR England
I was suffering from R.G.Deficiency(Colour Blindness) and was able to read 2 charts more after usage of the Isotine Eye Drop, also noticed marked improvement.

Dr.Anand Swaroop
M.S.Chief Medical Officer District. Hospital
Miracle research in ophthalmic to reduce any case of refractive error.., very good results in all respects.

Dr.Brahm Prakash (M.S.,M.CH.)
F.A.M.S Director, Neuro Science & Sr.Consultant
C-9/14.DLT Qutab Enclave New Delhi
I was really happy to know that Bhabhi ji is doing extremely well. The credit goes to both of you and the treatment recommended by Dr.Basu.

Dr. S.S.Mishra (Age 70yrs)
Retd. Professor, Head of the Deptt Lucknow University
I was suffering from Cataract in both eyes. Some renowned eye specialist suggested me for operation but when I used Dr.Basu's medicine, my vision improved very much in both the vision, near as well as far vision. Vision is also stable after 4 years when I rechecked.
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